Meatballs to Monarchs

How the Lane family invented civilization.....
Introduction to the Lane Brothers

Matt and Tony Lane are brothers and live in small towns in northwest Ohio. They are coatings chemists and have worked together for nearly thirty years. They grew up in the Willys-Overland Jeep neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio. The neighborhood had been established to house the Jeep workers during World War Two. They never knew that the Willys family had come from the same colonial town of Killingworth, Connecticut, where their family originated. They later moved to Wood County, just south of Toledo, where their parents bought a house that was built on land once presented to an ancestor of theirs, by Andrew Jackson. This fact was also unknown to them. They now live in towns where another ancestor, a revolutionary war hero, lived or had children who lived in their town. They knew nothing of this connection. For years Matt and Tony talked about getting a genetic kit and having their family history researched. Finally, in 2017 they got each other a kit for Christmas and the results opened up a fascinating adventure for them as they began to research their family. Incredible stories about their ancestors became available to them since the Lane family had written down these stories for centuries. Once the Lane brothers found their great, great, great grandfather in the Lane Family History, they were able to locate their place in this amazing family. Now, they would like to share these stories with you. If you are a Lane, if you have ever been a Lane or if you just like good stories, this is the place to find them.

Tony Lane

Matt Lane